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Home lip care tips - Best Home Remedies for Lip Care

Home Lip Care Tips

Home Lip Care Tips
Home Lip Care Tips

Dry and Chapped Lips is a condition when Lips become excessively dry and possibly cracked than try the lip care. Lips turn dry with harsh weather, evaporation of moisture from the upper layer of lip fold caused by excess licking of lips. Harsh, cold weather is one sole reason for chapped lips. Over exposure to Sun, Dehydration and medication can cause chapping of lips too. Chapped lips can be unattractive and painful as well, when you move your lips or smile.

Symptoms of Chapped lips can be easily noticed; Lips turn dry, burning sensation around lip and mouth area, small cracks and even peeling of skin. Sometimes people misunderstand peeling of lips with dead skin and scrub them but remember Peeling is painful and dead cell do not cause pain.

It is very important to treat chapped lips before it turns into wound. So it is always safe to treat chapped lips when dryness or minor cracks are noticed.

Simple Home Lip Care Tips

  • Drink adequate water, when you start to notice Dryness around mouth or dry lips.
  • Use Chap Stick or Lip balms containing beeswax and phenol. Other ingredients to look for on the list are Petroleum jelly, Vitamin E and Aloevera. If you live in Cold countries, look out for Lip butters they are great for Lips and have very thick consistency. Apply Coconut oil frequently on your lips for better lip care. Coconut oil helps heal the cracks better.
  • Mix equal amount of Glycerin and Rose water and dab this mixture with cotton wool on lips.
  • Rub some castor oil or olive oil or even plain Vaseline petroleum jelly on lips to soften and heal the cracks.
  • Honey is humectants and helps heal faster, you can choose lip balm with honey or simply smear some on your lips.
  • Milk cream or casein can be applied at night and slightly rubbed off with damp cotton next morning. If you do not like Milk cream, you can use Butter as well.
  • Prefer lip balms containing Lanolin, beeswax, Cadillac wax or Petroleum jelly. This keeps lips hydrated and moisturized well.
  • If you complain about your lip balm vanishing into thin air after application within minutes, Rub a piece of Cucumber and then apply your Lip balm or Chap Stick, the cucumber provides hydration and gets hold of Lip balm. (MBE tried and tested)
  • Avoid wearing tinted lip balms or lipsticks till your lips heal, or the flaws or choppiness will be accentuated with the color.

You can try making your own variations of Lip balms at home.

Honey Lip balm for Lip Care:

  • 1TBS of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • ¼ TBS of Pure, unadulterated Honey.
  • Jojoba oil (optional)
  • A few drops of almond oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Melt Vaseline with double boiling method, add honey and hold on double boiling for 2-3 minutes.
Pour in a sterilized pot and store. This may unsettled, you can whip it with toothpick. This works as lip balm and gloss both.

Good Old Beeswax Lip balm for lip care:

If you hate Vaseline on your lips and do not bother about vegan or non-vegan lip balm. You must try this. But getting hold of Beeswax is hard, you can find in small chemists or shops that sell Ayurvedic stuff.

  • One rupee coined sized Beeswax
  • 1TBS Coconut/Olive/Sesame/Almond or any carrier oil of your choice

Melt the beeswax via double boiling method and add oil when you take off the beeswax of the heat.
Whisk and pour in into desired container. If you like it a little waxy, you can reduce the oil and if you want glossiness, reduce the beeswax content. This balm works better at night, smear your lips with this balm at night and scrub off next morning. This is highly moisturizing though a bit waxy.

If you like your lips glossy with a hint of tint, simply mix few drops of Almond oil and honey in equal quantities and apply on lips, Honey gives a lovely brown glossy effect to lips while almond oil moisturizes lips. Do not go over board or it will leak in the corner of the mouth.

Remember, to keep check on Choppy lips on winter season. Keep the Lips well hydrated and moisturized and that thus will avoid chapping. Reapply Lip balms, Lip salves and Vaseline in intervals to keep them hydrated.

Follow a simple Lip routine that will help you avoid chappy lips. Apply heavy coat of Lip balm on lips at night, and with a soft washcloth or baby brush scrub your lips gently. This will help get rid of Dead skin and also the absorption of lip balm or oil will be better.

You can make your own lip scrub as well, Crush some Fresh rose petals on a piece of stone, add milk cream and apply this mixture on Lips for 15 minutes. Scrub off with damp cotton, the rose petals will add pink tint to lips and this may help reduce the pigmentation to some extent.

Remember to take a little extra care of your lips in winter season, as they are the most sensitive and have no oil glands unlike skin to keep them hydrated. Go for lip balms with Jojoba oil or use jojoba oil for lips. Jojoba oil has hydrating properties that resembles to the sebum that is produced by skin to keep it moisturized. So Jojoba oil can be the best option available for lip care.

So Take care your Lips this season and keep them chap free. And keep smiling.

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