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Hairstyles for Short Hair and Short Hair Ideas

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair
Hairstyles for Short Hair 

Hairstyles for short hair need to be kept fresh and innovative. Try dressing up your hairstyles for short hair with these three versatile hair accessories.

Short hair can be instantly dressed up with a variety of accessories that short hair showcases beautifully. Here are three of our favorite accessories that can add a dash of pizzazz to those hairstyles for short hair on a boring, ho-hum or even bad-hair day:


When you put on a headband, you give your face an immediate contrast color, something that’s highly attractive. It can be a color that matches your eyes or your clothing or that draws attention to your highlights or lowlights. Headbands today are sold in a multiple array of widths, colors and materials, or you can even improvise your own headband with a favorite scarf or handkerchief. If you’re having trouble growing your bangs out, a headband brings instant relief. A black velvet headband looks particularly swanky on most hairstyles for short hair.

Flowers and Hairstyles for Short Hair

One exotic flower placed above the ear or at the base of a ponytail adds an elegant touch to those hairstyles. You can buy some incredible silk flower clips online in a tropical rainbow of colors – from pink orchids to periwinkle flowers. If you opt for real flowers, don’t apply them to your hairstyle just before the event or until you are ready to leave in order to slow down the wilting process. Also, consult your hairdresser about the best hair flowers. Some flower petals will fade or drop too soon, but others are sturdier, like roses or daisies.


With all of the barrette options out there today, you don’t have any excuse to not have some on hand to improve your short hairstyles within seconds. You can experiment with a whole range, from kids’ plastic barrettes to Swarovski crystal barrettes. Butterfly barrettes, topaz barrettes or pearl barrettes can add a hint of glamour to your night out. Just go with your mood or style: polished natural wood barrettes for that linen dress, tiny flower barrettes for an afternoon picnic, or an array of colorful metallic barrettes with a crazy tie-dyed T-shirt.

Whether you pop on a headband, pin on a flower or part your hair with a barrette, just adding that one small accessory can make a world of difference to your hairstyles for short hair. And you may even hear him asking, “Hey, what’s different today? Did you do something to your hair?”

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