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Permanent Hair Straightening and Temporary Hair Straightening Tips

Permanent and Temporary Hair Straightening Tips

Hair Straightening
Hair Straightening

For women

Many of us have wavy, fuzzy & unmanageable hair. Hair straightening provides us a way to give them a smooth, streamlined and silky appearance. Hair straightening is also known as re bonding.

Most of the time hair straightening completely change and improve appearance of women but we strongly advise you to consult a hair stylist before going for straightening as every one of us have different hair and not every type of hair is suitable.

Types of hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening: Chemical hair straightening is usually permanent in nature; therefore the hair will be straight until it grows out. It is best suited for overly curly or wavy hair. The process is also known as relaxing and should always be performed by trained expert with successful track record. Based on the basic hair attribute like texture, elasticity and strength, a professional would apply chemical on completely dried out hair. The solution is only applied for few minutes and it changes the natural elasticity of your hair, making them smooth and silky.

Temporary hair straightening:

Brazilian Hair straightening:  It is also known as Keratin Hair Straightening. The straightening would generally last for 4-6 months. The process usually involves smoothing the hair by use of liquid keratin and a preservative solution with a hair iron. It is not permitted in every country due to high concentration of chemical used in the process.

Hot Iron & hot combs: It can temporary straighten your hair. The hair is straightened by the application of direct heat to your hair. Over heating can severely damage your hair. Use of ceramic based iron is advised as it causes less damage. Post straightening hair care is very important. Regularly use mild shampoo and quality conditioners. The problem with hot iron is that the straightening would last only until you wash your hair.

Tips for buying hot iron:

  • Buy a lightweight hot iron otherwise you may suffer from sore arm
  • Don’t buy cheap quality hot iron as it may damage your hair
  • Buy a long cord hot iron, it is easier to use
  • Don’t buy hair iron with too long or too short plates, as it would make your hair styling difficult. The normal size is 1.5 feet

Advantages of hair straightening:

  • Give you a new look/appearance
  • Hair will become more manageable, silky and smooth.

Disadvantages of hair straightening:

  • If done without consulting qualified hair stylist, it can damage your hair
  • Excessive heat may make your hair brittle
  • Require maintenance such as regular use of conditioner / shampoo
  • The permanent /semi permanent process are costly.
Cost of hair straightening: Like most hair techniques the price is not fixed, it all depends upon hair stylist. Usually longer the hair more is the cost.

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