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Hair care in winter - Winter Hair Care Tips You Should Follow

Hair Care in Winter

Hair care in Winter
Hair care in Winter 

Winter brings lot of fun, joy and happiness’. But it also brings lot of responsibilities towards your skin and hair as different seasons require different hair and skin care techniques and regimes and winter is one when you should me most cautious. In winter your hair can turn into broom if you ignore them or even worst - you may suffer from excess hair fall.

Winter doesn’t only invite Frizz but also scaly scalp through which Dandruff paves in easily, but there are some things to avoid and things to follow this winter. So here are some tips on hair care in winter and some do's and don’ts.

Simple Tips and guidance for Hair care in winter!

Avoid Styling your Hair too much in Winter

If you regularly Blow dry your Hair, cut it down to once or twice a week in winters. Let once in a week, dry them naturally. If you Iron your Hair, make sure you use Straightening Hair serum to lessen the damage. Brush your Hair twice a day.

Switch to Olive oil for your hair in winter

Olive oil is known as liquid Gold for Hair, It works miraculously for Dry, damaged hair. Massage warm olive oil at night and wash off next morning. You can even Steam your Hair to condition your Hair.

Deep Condition Twice a week

Yes, Skip shampooing and switch to Conditioning your hair deeply twice a week. Dry atmosphere can dry out your Hair, combat the dryness with extra deep conditioning. Look for Natural Products such as Humectants that holds moisture and hydrates very well.

Follow this Deep Conditioning Hair Mask in winter:

  • Mix Tablespoon of Olive oil with Equal Parts of Honey and 8-10 drops of Glycerin.
  • Work this on your Scalp and Hair, Steam your Hair If you have excessive Dry hair.
  • Cover with a Shower cap to avoid excess dripping. Wash off after 45 minutes and continue with your regular shampoo-conditioner regime. Do not Blow dry let your Hair air dry.

Cut down the frequency of Hair wash

Cut down the frequency of Hair wash
Cut down the frequency of Hair wash

Hair wash will lead to more Dryness and the dryness will strip out natural oils from Scalp making Hair coarse and Dry. So in winter you can Dry shampoo your Hair with Baking soda, which will takeoff residues and absorb sebum from scalp. Avoid wetting your Hair on cold, freezing mornings.

Include Protein in your Diet

  • A well balanced Diet is essential for Healthy scalp and Hair. Include Eggs, Legumes, Sprouts, Dates, Spinach, Walnuts and Bajra in your diet.
  • Also drink 7-8 glasses of water to flush out toxins from your body.

Eat and apply Fenugreek

Fenugreek is considered as a miracle for Skin and Hair, acting as a conditioner. Include Fenugreek in any form in your diet thrice a week. Fenugreek if consumed regularly is believed to thicken Hair and adds shine. Also external application of Fenugreek seeds works wonder for Dandruff and Health of Hair in winter.

Use Fenugreek Mask once every fortnight. Soak a handful of Fenugreek seeds overnight and Grind with enough water, next morning. Apply on scalp and hair, leaving it for 30 minutes. Wash and rinse out from hair, Shampoo and Condition next day. Hair simply turns Shiny and soft to touch. You can add yogurt if your hair type is dry.

Use Hair Serums and Leave-in- Hair Conditioners for soft, Frizz-free manageable hair.

Never use Hot Water to wash your Hair; it will dry out your hair further. Use lukewarm water only to wash your hair and to add shine, Rinse off conditioner with Cold water. This technique adds shine to hair.

Protect your Hair with Scarves and stoles in winter

Cover up your Head and Hair with Scarves or stoles. This will avoid direct contact of atmosphere on your hair. Also make sure your hair is completely dry before you step out. Cold temperature can freeze slightest damp hair causing in excess coarseness and split ends.

Prefer Moisturizing Shampoos than the Hydrating ones

Shampoos that has shimmery Textures are moisturizing in nature that the opaque ones. Look out for Shampoos that contain Coconut extracts, Olive oil, Egg and Vitamin E.

Or simply follow up with Cider Vinegar rinse after Shampoo and Conditioner.

Prevent Static elasticity with Hair spray

If your dislike Static elasticity that the comb or brush produces in contact with Hair. Simply spray some Hair spray on

Use Banana Hair mask once a week

Banana does wonders for Dry and brittle hair. Simply Blend Bananas with enough pulp and add a teaspoon of honey. Cover Scalp and hair from root to tip and leave on for 30 minutes.
Wash off after 30 minutes, skip Shampoo and conditioning.
Winters can be really enjoyable, If only you take proper care of your Hair and pay attention to your diet. It won’t be good if you ignore your hair with all the festive spirit around.

Do follow these guidelines and achieve wonderful Hair. Do you follow any certain tips and techniques, Share with us.

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