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Glycerin Benefits for Skin - Unbelievable Skin Benefits Of Glycerin

Glycerin benefits for Skin

Glycerin benefits for Skin
Glycerin benefits for Skin

Glycerin, Glycerin or Glycerol is a polyol compound present in all Natural lipids (fats) in Vegetables or Animals. Glycerin is also be synthetically manufactured by the hydrolysis of fats and by the fermentation of sugars. Glycerin is Low toxic and sweet in taste and acts as Humectants, Solvent and as sweeteners. Glycerin is used in manufacture of Soaps, Body washes and Skincare products.

Since Glycerin is used in Skincare products, Soaps and Body washes, there are plenty of Glycerin benefits for skin and body. We are listing down Benefits as well as its uses for Skin and body, which you help you better if you are skeptic about using Glycerin for skin.

Benefit of Glycerin for Skin:

A Boon for extremely dry skin:

Glycerin is a Natural moisturizer and Humectant, which hydrates skin cells and locks in the moisture with its external application. Those with Dry skin can get relief by add a Tablespoon of Glycerin in the bathing water or even a concoction made by using water and Glycerin in equal parts as Body lotion.

A Moisturizer for Babies and Sensitive skinned beauties

Glycerin is mild and non-toxic enough to use on Babies and does not reacts on Sensitive skins.
Either use Glycerin based Soaps or Cleansers or add Glycerin (a spoonful) to Baby body wash for enough hydration. You can even use drops of Glycerin in your regular Face wash.

Glycerin is a wonder for Wrinkles and Fine lines:

Regular application of Glycerin in any way hydrates skin till its deep layers and intracellular layers
providing enough moisture and makes it plump. This results in reduction of fine lines and Wrinkles and gaining of the skins lost elasticity to an extent.

Glycerin Benefits for Scars and Marks:

Certain scars left by Acne, burns and wounds will not go away with cosmetic products, but a regular twice application of Glycerin mixed with water in equal parts helps in lightening the scars. Glycerin has strong healing power and can heal any scars. Glycerin boosts the metabolism of cells of the affected region and repairs the damaged tissues thus reducing the scars.

Glycerin helps in Skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema

Glycerin heals skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema which causes excess dryness of skin and itching too. Glycerin hydrates well and thus controls skin irritation and itching by providing ample amount of hydration and moisture to the affected skin.

Glycerin is anti-microbial in nature:

  • Many of does not know the anti-microbial benefits of Glycerin, and the properties depends on the concentration of Glycerol, that is only present in Glycerin in its purest or raw form.
  • And Glycerin thus fights Skin irritation, Bacterial infection and disorders.
  • Glycerin is a wonder product for winters with its benefits mentioned above. One can skip their Lotions-Potions and just stick to Glycerin for Miniaturization and Protection.

Here are some magical uses of Glycerin for skin this winter:

For Chapped Lips:

Simply mix some Almond oil, Honey and Glycerin in equal amounts and store in a small jar. Apply as required on chapped lips. Remember to keep you hand light, If you’re using it during day, it bleeds. This heals chapped lips and hydrates them as well.

For Body and Dry, rough areas:

Mix some Rosewater and Glycerin in 4:1 ratio, i.e.  4 Parts of Rose water and 1 part of Glycerin.
Store in a bottle, in refrigerator if possible. Use this concoction all over your body and mainly on the rough, extra dry body parts like Elbows, knees and Hands.  This will hydrate and lock in the moisture, keeping it soft and supple.

For Face mist:

Mix a Cup of Water or Rosewater with a tablespoon of Glycerin and store in a sprits bottle. Use it as required, spray on your Face and neck and wipe off with soft cotton pad. You can use it during daytime as well. Just pat lightly with soft cotton pad, this will keep you makeup intact and fresh without messing up.

For cracked heels:

Mix a tablespoon of Glycerin with a teaspoon of Lemon juice. Apply on the cracked heels and wear socks. It will be healed in a week or so. You can use a cream or petroleum jelly during daytime.

Glycerin is available of two variants: Vegetable Glycerin that is derived from Plants and vegetables while other variant of Glycerin is derived from Animal fats.

A green mark on the bottle of Glycerin helps you identify between Vegetable Glycerin and other.
There are various brands available in the Market, One can ask for Glycerin in Drugstores or Super Markets.

Homemade Recipes of glycerin for skin:

Honey and Glycerin Moisturizer:

You will need:

  • 1 Tbsp. Honey
  • 1 Tbsp. Glycerin
  • ½ Tbsp. Olive oil

Mix the ingredients well and apply this on dry, rough areas or even massage onto Face and neck.
Keep your fingers light, it will just help it absorb better, with the warmth that your fingers create.
After 5-6 minutes, wipe the excess of with wet washcloth.

It makes skin supple and glowing; you can do this once a day either in the morning before applying makeup or after removing makeup.

Glycerin Oatmeal Mild Exfoliate:

You will need:

  • A cup of Oatmeal
  • ½ cup of Glycerin
  • Enough Rosewater to form a paste

Mix Oatmeal with glycerin, and if required add Rose water to form medium wet consistency paste.
Exfoliate the whole body or just face as per your requirement. This is wonderful scrub that hydrates and exfoliates at the same time. Mild exfoliation is needed to make the moisturizer absorb easily into the skin. It is mild enough to use every alternate day.

If you find it tiresome to prepare recipes and believe in on-the-go variations, you can simply switch to Glycerin Soaps for instant hydration during baths. Many brands have Glycerin bars or small craft stores sell Mild Glycerin bars that are safe to use.

Glycerin is a boon for Dry skin, and regular application or usage makes the skin better and helps slow down the aging process as well. You can try either Glycerin Body Lotion or Soaps this winter to combat the excess Dryness.

Do you use Glycerin in any other way? Share with us.

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