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Tips for Glowing Skin - How Get Fair and Glowing Skin

How Get Fair and Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin
How Get Fair and Glowing Skin

Every woman wishes to look her best, irrespective of her age and if you have beautiful and glowing skin then I bet you would look great. Beauty treatments, salons give you temporary solutions to your skin imperfections and other beauty problems. Why not choosing a natural way to get a healthy and beautiful skin from inside? If you are healthy inside, it will reflect outside. So, try these tips to get a naturally glowing beautiful skin.

Eat healthy for Fair and Glowing Skin

Eat wholesome food, eat as much as raw food as possible, eat several small meals a day, add  raw vegetable like broccoli, spinach turnip green, add some fruits like tomato, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, oranges, lime etc in your diet. Read more to know healthy eating habits.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is essential to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. Regular water intake helps you hydrated from within. Water is full on natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium along with iodine, copper and iron which help to drain toxins from your body and keep your skin glowing.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is enriched with anti-oxidants and removes toxins from the body. Green tea increases the metabolism, keeps you fit and gives a healthy body and glowing skin. Green Tea Health Benefits.

Go With a Proper Skin Care Routine

Our skin also needs proper care & love, and to get glowing skin, following a proper skin care routine is must you should include following skin care routine to get a glowing skin:

  • Cleanse the skin: Use a gentle and effective cleanser to cleanse the skin twice a day. It will remove dirt, traces of makeup from clogged pores. It will help your skin to breath properly and glow.   
  • Exfoliate skin: Regular skin exfoliation is must for getting and maintain a glowing healthy skin. Our body sheds skin cells every single minute of every day. If you don’t get rid of them, then soon your skin becomes dull and dry. Use a body scrub and face scrub to exfoliate and cleanse the skin and get rid of dead cells. Do this 2-3 times a week for beautiful, radiant skin. If you have dry skin then exfoliates once a week only.
  • Moisturize the skin properly: Moisturizers not only help to hydrate and nourish your skin but also prevent the skin from losing its natural moist. Use a good moisturizer after a shower of facing face.

Apply Face Packs and Face Masks

Use vegetable and fruit face masks which helps to nourish, cleanse and repair the damaged skin.

  • Vegetable face masks: Boil cabbage, carrot and cucumber and once boiled, let them cool down. Store the water in a vessel and use it to wash the face later. Mash the boiled vegetables and apply on the vegetable mask on face. Keep the face mask on for 20 mints and wash it off with water.
  • Fruit mask: Mash fruits such as - banana, papaya or apple and apply the mashed paste on face for 20 mins. Wash off with plain water.

Do Exercise or Yoga Regularly

There are a number of ways that exercise can benefit your skin. Exercise increases blood circulation, carrying more oxygen to the skin which improves glow into the skin. Exercise also reduces stress levels which can leave your skin looking dull. It also leads to production of natural oils of the skin that help the skin to look soft and healthy. Finally, exercise makes you sweat which helps in getting rid of the toxins that can block your pores causing pimples and blemishes and which in turns gives a healthy and glowing skin. Yoga Exercise for glowing skin.

Beauty sleep

Have you ever thought why it is called a "Beauty Sleep"? A good sleep helps to relax your skin and rejuvenates the skin. It gets rid of dark circles, tired eyes, repairs the skin damages etc and gives a glowing skin. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day as lack of sleep can lead to premature aging of skin.
Use sunscreen: Harmful sun’s rays damages the skin in many ways - Tans, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots are some of the examples. All this makes you skin appear dull and initiates aging process. So you shouldn’t forget a sunscreen which can protect your skin from those harmful sun rays. Use a good sunscreen with SPF 15-50 is needed to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy. How to choose a correct sunscreen


5-10 mints of Meditation everyday helps to relax your skin and rejunvates the skin and mind.
Choose a healthy lifestyle: If you are healthy inside then your skin reflects it. So, for a healthy and glowing skin a healthy lifestyle is must. You should avoid chemically processed food, burgers, cola and excess sugar, a healthy lifestyle payoff with a beautiful and healthy skin.

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