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Choosing Eye shadows – Eyeshadow Application Tips

Eye shadow Application Tips

Eye shadow Applications
Eye shadow Applications

Eye-shadow is a great manner of getting a dramatic fashion statement. There are two things to consider when you are choosing eye shadow colors: your color of eye and your skin tone. With the right eye-shadow color your color of eye will be held outside. The various types of eye shadow are available in many colors and shades in market. The most common shares or colors of eye shadow extend from coral to copper, blue to green and pink to plum with gold, silver and different frosted colors. People with brown eyes have the easiest time to select eye shadow colors. There is no “best” eye-shadow for brown eyes. If you have brown eyes you can get away with light or dark eye-shadow colors. Eye shadow application should be done correctly with close attention paid to your skin color and your eye color.

How to Apply Eye-shadows – Eye shadow Application Tips

The choice of the best eye-shadow for your skin tone and eye color will help your eyes to be held outside. Application of eye shadows can make the eyes bigger, smaller, set apart or set closely together. People with blue eyes should never carry any type of blue eye-shadow color. People with blue eyes can carry brown and even violets according to their hair-color. These colors tend to be the best eye-shadow colors for grey eyes too. Choosing eyeshadow color is not a real mystery. The eyeshadow colors which tend to be in style can vary. Choosing eyeshadow color which works better for you is far more important than keeping up with the latest trend. The shapes of eyebrows, shape of brow bone and eyes and the corner of the eyes and eyelid play important roles in the application of the shade of eye.

The color of hair plays a part similar by choosing the right eyeshadow color. Colors such as royal blue, tangerine, and lime green and hot pink can be added according to your personality. Charcoal or navy based colors for eye shadows are used for all types of eyes. Applying eyeshadows in the form of pencil look is easy. It is possible to make wide strips and then to hammer a brush, applicator or a finger. Darker shades along the crease of the lid lend the glance of dramatic eyes. A pearly eyeshadow needs a sponge applicator to avoid flaking while a shading brush is of great help when it comes to blending the colors of the eyeshadows.

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