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Eye Makeup Tips and Lessons

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tips
Eye Makeup Tips

I'll be presenting to you girls some very cool eye makeup tips. Using eye-shadows and eyeliners will help you go from a fresh-faced beauty in the daytime to a smokey eyed vixen for a night out on the town.

There are a large variety of colors and textures for eye makeup to choose from. Don’t worry-- it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of high quality eye shadows and eyeliners available at drugstores, so feel free to experiment. It might be worth noting that many famous makeup artists like to experiment with drugstore makeup brands on runway models, so we're in good company!

The very first step before applying eye makeup is to figure out what type of eye makeup you will need. Eye makeup application often includes: under eye concealer, eyeliner, loose face powder, eye shadows, curling the lashes, and mascara.

Of course you don't have to do all of these steps to look great. You can mix and match the routines that work for you.

I generally recommend to at least:

  1. Use under eye concealer to hide any dark circles.
  2. Dust your eyelids with loose powder to provide a smooth and even base for eye shadow.
  3. Apply a medium shade eye shadow to the lid.

How to Choose Eye Makeup

How to Choose Eye Makeup
How to Choose Eye Makeup

When you go down the makeup aisle at your local drugstore, how many of you have felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the huge selection? I certainly have! There seems to be an endless variety of colors like periwinkle, eggplant, chocolate brown, charcoal, burnt sienna, lavender, not to mention different textures like cream shadows, liquid, and powdered eye shadow. Whew, I need a minute to catch my breath!

How do you know what will look good on you? You could buy every single available color and texture and try it on at home. I’m kidding of course. That would be crazy expensive.

An inexpensive and easy way to discover which eye shadow colors would look good on you is to head to a department store makeup counter, or Sephora if it is available in your area. There you will find a vast assortment of testers for different kinds of makeup. If you aren’t sure where to begin, look around the store and see if there is a salesperson whose makeup you like. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice. That’s part of their job. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything if you don’t want to. Just tell them you are browsing and not sure what colors would look good on you. They would be happy to offer you eye makeup tips.

Whatever your choice of shadow, a little color goes a long way. Use it sparingly to begin with and layer on more if you want to. It all just depends on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Choosing Eyeshadow for your Eye Color

An easy way to choose eyeshadow colors is pick ones that work well for your eye color. From brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes to hazel, the colors we choose can have a noticeable effect on how our makeup looks. It is possible to make your eyes stand out and sparkle with the right colors for your eyes. Here are tips on choosing the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Whether you are just beginning to learn how to apply eye makeup, or you've had years of experience, it is best to set aside some time to really play with your makeup. Make it fun. Turn on some music to strike the mood. Don't do it in when you're stressed out, and ready to head out the door. That will only cause you to stick to your old makeup routines.

Spending the extra time now to learn solid eye makeup tips and techniques will pay off many times over. Eventually you will get so good at it; these eye shadow techniques will be effortless.

Eyebrows - Defining Your Face

The eyebrows are often overlooked in the world of makeup, which is a shame. Properly maintained eyebrows can do wonders for your face. Few women are taught how to pluck their eyebrows and fill them in correctly. They usually end up with over-plucked brows. I've totally been there. Fear not. It is easy to learn eye makeup tip basics to create eyebrows that will work for you.

Choosing the Best Eye Makeup Removers

Now that you've had a chance to play with these eye makeup tips, you must be wondering, how can I remove all this eye makeup? I will reveal to you which are the best eye makeup removers out there. You'll be amazed just what you can use to remove all traces of your eye makeup. Enjoy!

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