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Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic Eye Makeup
Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup conjures up images of beautiful seductresses with lots of sex appeal. From Marilyn Monroe’s sleepy bedroom look to smokey kohl-rimmed eyes, these dramatic looks are absolutely captivating.

With a little bit of effort, you too can look like a knockout using these dramatic eye makeup tips.

Below I have demonstrated several eye makeup techniques. I know this isn't for everyday makeup. But sometimes we all like to have fun and see how our makeup can change our appearance. Be bold and daring. Try these techniques and see if you like how they make you look and feel.

One note before we begin: Before doing any eye makeup, be sure to prep your eye area first with under eye concealer. Then proceed with the following guide.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes
Smokey Eyes

When it comes to learning a new eye makeup technique, the first thing women ask me is, how do I do a Smokey eye?

The Smokey eye technique primarily focuses on blending darker shadows. No harsh lines should be present. Smokey eyes can definitely be striking, especially when done with a heavier application of eye shadow and liner. I have dedicated a whole page to the Smokey eye look.

Cat Eye Makeup - Dramatic Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup
Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup evokes sexiness and gives off a marvelous flair. This technique is fairly simple to do, yet it is high impact. Not only can it make you look more exotic, this technique can also turn a tired visage into one that is refreshed and wide awake.

Follow these cat eye makeup tips and pretty soon, you'll make everyone around you purrrrr and meow

Kohl Eye Makeup - Dramatic Eye Makeup

Kohl Eye Makeup
Kohl Eye Makeup

Kohl eye makeup is at once enticing and bewitching. It is one of the most well-defined dramatic eye makeup techniques out there.

From the far reaches of the globe to wherever you may be, kohl eye makeup offers intensity with just a few tools. Paired with the right technique, you too can create this magnetic kohl eye makeup look.

Sleepy Bedroom Eyes

Sleepy Bedroom Eyes
Sleepy Bedroom Eyes

Marilyn Monroe is forever known as the blonde bombshell. With those platinum-blonde tresses, perfectly arched eyebrows, trademark red lips, and those sleepy bedroom eyes, who wouldn't be spellbound by her beauty?

You will need:

  • Powdered medium brown eye shadow
  • Powdered white shimmer eyeshadow
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash curler
  • Black mascara

1. With the eyeshadow brush, apply medium brown eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid and blend well.

2. Apply the shimmer white eye shadow onto your eyelid and your eyebrow bone. Blend well.

3. Now apply the liquid black eyeliner to your lashline. Be sure to stay as close as possible to the lashes. The line will be thin from the inner lash line, thicker towards the middle, and then thin again towards the outer lash line. Draw slightly past the outside corner of your eye, winging the liner slightly upward. Allow the liquid liner to dry.

4. Now apply false eyelashes. While the false lashes are still drying, you will push down the ends of the lashes to give off that sleepy appearance.

5. Curl the eyelashes.

6. Apply mascara to top and bottom eyelashes.

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