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Celebrity Short Hairstyles - Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Celebrity Short Hairstyles
Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Women look great with short tresses, but few can pull off these celebrity short hairstyles.

So you want to give your hair a swanky, short cut – something feminine and easy to manage. One of the best places to turn to check out celebrity short hairstyles is a Hollywood gossip magazine.

However, before you pare down your tresses for that minimalist look, make sure you’re doing the right thing to yourself. Not all celebrity short hairstyles will draw admiration. Here are a few to avoid:

The feathered look. It not only looks scary when your hairdresser approaches you with a razor – the end result is scary in itself. Flee! For some reason, some of the ugliest haircuts always make a comeback (the mullet would tie with this one, but that’s another story). We’ve endured the sight from longer-haired 70s Farrah Fawcett or Jennifer Lopez in 2001 to the shorter version on Pink. No matter what face type you have, stay away from this unflattering celebrity short hairstyle.

Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles and Haircuts

The shave. Yes, that’s right: buzz it all off! Cool, comfortable, low-maintenance – all of the above. Sinead O’Connor enamored the world as the bald queen par excellence during the “Nothing Compares 2 U” era; Demi Moore looked stunning in G.I. Jane; and, due to an upcoming role, Natalie Portman sported a skinhead at the Cannes Film Festival. If you’re drop-dead gorgeous and have large, luminous eyes, you may be able to pull off one of these celebrity short hairstyles. However, if you’re just an average mortal, leave some hair on your head. It adds a lot.

The bowl or basin cut

Ladies (men also!), avoid submitting your head to this shameful exhibition. When you sport this short cut, it looks like someone took a shortcut: that is, put a mixing bowl on your head and trimmed the remaining hair using the circumference as a guide. Variations include the dipped bowl cut and the undercut. While we can point an accusing finger at Elton John, you’re probably wondering in what possible form this haircut could return to haunt you as a woman. The answer is the bob, the new rage – a great-looking celebrity short hairstyle on Kirsten Dunst, for example. In the hands of the wrong hairdresser, however, your hot bob could end up looking more like a bowl cut, so beware.

In short, if your hairdresser waves a razor, an electric shaver or a bowl anywhere near the vicinity of your head, feel free to excuse yourself and bolt out the door.

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