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Coolest and best looking Men’s Hairstyles

Introduction to Men’s Hairstyles

Men's Hairstyles
Men’s Hairstyles
Over the years, men’s hairstyles have undergone many changes. Another thing that is noticeable about these hairstyles is how they simply seem to repeat a pattern in styles. There were short hairstyles, long styles and in-between styles. Eras existed when only the shortest of hair cuts was acceptable and teenage guys fought with their parents over growing their hair long. Prior to this time period, men wore their hair quite long, even to the point of wearing wigs when they dressed up. Gradually, the fashionable hairstyles for men cycled back to longer hair being more popular.

Today, men are seen sporting hairstyles of all types. When you look around in a crowded place, you will see men with short hair, long hair, shoulder length hair, Emo hair, and even NO hair. When it comes to men’s hairstyles in the 21st century, there is more personality in them than ever before. Today’s men don’t seem to follow one certain style. They simply do what they feel like doing at the time.

There needs to be something said for men who prefer the shaved head look over having any hair at all. This particular “style” is used for many reasons. If a man finds his hair too naturally curly to manage, he may just shave it all off. Living or working in extremely hot environments can also lead to shaving the head for the sake of comfort and convenience. Age also plays a part in the decision to sport a shaved head. As men get older, many times their hair isn’t as attractive in a longer hairstyle as it once was. Receding hairlines along with other male pattern baldness can become an issue. When these things happen, many men choose to shave off their remaining hair and go for a completely bald look.

Sports have played a large part in creating hairstyles for men over time. The very popular “surfer cut” grew out of swimmers and surfers needing very short hair for convenience, while not wanting to be completely bald. This cut worked quite well in accomplishing what they needed. Being very short to shaven on the sides and in the back, there was still a respectable amount of hair left on top. Other men jumped on that particular bandwagon whether they engaged in water activities or not. It started to be noticed in the teenaged crowd and grew into popularity.

The military cut is pretty self explanatory with regard to its origins. Men in the military are required to keep their hair cut rather short. Over time, this military, or “buzz” cut, becomes preferable to some men due to the ease of taking care of it. Once upon a time, this hairstyle was also known as the “crew cut.” The difference between these two styles is that the crew cut tended to have the short hair that was left on the head standing almost in a straight up fashion while still being short. The buzz cut is just one step away from a crew cut as it leaves less hair and nothing is standing up.

Long hairstyles on men, today, generally are left to teenagers and young men. You will notice that even rock stars and actors, who previously enjoyed long, and even beautiful, hair, start to go shorter as they get older. But while they are younger, there are men’s long hairstyles with such beauty that they rival even the most gorgeous women’s hair.

Men’s hairstyles currently reflect many things, but it’s good to see that there is such a variety. There really IS no WRONG way to style your hair, as a man. If it looks great on you, is reasonably easy to style, and YOU like it, then you have discovered or created the right look for YOU.

Men’s Hairstyles form a very important part of the overall appearance of the men. Even though it is perceived that women take more care of their hair than men, there are still men that take a special interest in the condition of their hair as well. Men who are interested in hair fashion take a lot of interest in blending in their hairstyles and their personalities as well. There are many types of hairstyles that men can be able to adopt depending on the length of their hair. The hairstyle choice will usually depend on the age, shape of the face, skin tone as well as the overall look the man wants to achieve.

Men’s Hairstyles Changes

Men’s hairstyles change gradually from year to year depending on the fashion styles that have been adopted within that particular year. This is especially important for men who want look trendy at all times especially when it comes to hair fashion. The mens hairstyles trend is being anticipated as the year draws to a close and many fashion conscious enthusiasts have started to give suggestions on the hair styles that will be incorporated in the coming year.

Hairstyles for Longer hair

Men’s hairstyles are categorized depending on the length of the hair as well as the style they want to bring out as their overall look.  Some of the trends of mens hairstyles that can be anticipated include the layered look which is preferable for men who have longer hair. This layered hairstyle ends that look like they have been cut by a razor and are usually shoulder length. This hairstyle should be regularly trimmed so that it does not grow out and also can have bangs and highlights included so as to bring out a dramatic effect.

Quiff Hairstyles

Quiff Hairstyles
Quiff Hairstyles

The quiff is going to be popular among the men’s hairstyles that are expected to be seen on the heads of many men who are fashion conscious. This hairstyle is a modern version of the popular style that was worn by Elvis Presley in his hey days and made him stand out. For the man who wants to be noticed, then the quiff hairstyle will be a good choice.

Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyle for men will transition as it is very popular with the young men who want to be noticed in the streets. It is also a style that allows the man to express their personality through their hair by adding color or highlights to the Mohawk.

Fringe Hairstyles

The fringe hairstyle is also a trend that will be followed in this year with a few adjustments such as the inclusion of color and the cut as well so as to differentiate it from the previous types of fringe hairstyles that have been worn by men.

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