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Best Ideas About Asian Makeup Tips

Asian Makeup Tips

Asian Makeup Tips
Asian Makeup Tips
Many Asian women have issues with doing their Asian Makeup Tips. I contend that utilizing Asian makeup techniques will produce better results than doing it the way other ethnic groups do their makeup. For example, doing the traditional Smokey eye using blue or purple eye shadows will often leave an Asian woman looking bruised. Hmm, not so hot.

There are better methods of makeup application for Asian women. Asian makeup application can enhance your eyes, whether or not you have an eyelid crease. You can enhance your skin tone. You can have great cheek bones. No, these are not false promises! There are just some things you need to learn to help you choose the best kind of makeup products and techniques that suit you.

Choosing a Foundation - Asian Makeup Tips

asian makeup tips
Choosing a Foundation - Asian Makeup Tips
Many Asian women dislike the fact that they have yellow undertones to their skin. They fear that applying a yellow-based foundation will make them look even more yellow. With that in mind, many have bought pink-based foundations, in an effort to counteract their natural skin tone. This is really outdated and makes them look like a china doll. Applying a yellow-based foundation will actually make your skin appear flawless, because it blends in perfectly. That is the point of a good foundation. You want your skin, but better. The same goes for concealer and face powder. You want a creamy, yellow-based under eye concealer and a yellow powder. I know it sounds crazy, but the proof is in the pudding. Just go to a makeup counter and test this yourself. Step out into the light with a compact mirror and see how it looks.

The good news is that many makeup lines offer yellow or golden-based foundations. Bobbi Brown is a good line. You don't have to buy a high-end brand though. There are drugstore makeup brands as well. So you do not have to spend a lot of money to get what you want. If you're looking for in-depth details on choosing and applying foundation, go to the left navigation bar and click on face makeup.

Asian Makeup Tips for Eyes

Asian Makeup Tips for Eyes
Asian Makeup Tips for Eyes
I know there are Asians who have the eyelid crease, called the double eyelid. Then, there are those that do not have an eyelid crease, called a monolid. For those who don't have the crease, it may be tempting to use glue and some kind of tool to manhandle your eyelid into creating a crease. But it almost never looks good! So please, put down the torture device and try something less invasive.

The best way to do Asian eye makeup involves contouring a few shades of eye shadow. Even Asian women with an eyelid crease will sometimes complain that their eye area looks flat. This will help them as well. Contouring also opens up your eye area and gives you the appearance of "bigger eyes."

You Will Need:

  • Vanilla or bone eyeshadow
  • Medium eyeshadow color, like taupe
  • Darker eyeshadow color, like cocoa
  • Deep chocolate or black eyeshadow, used as eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Black mascara
  • Medium sized eye shadow brush
  • Slanted eye makeup brush

1. using the eyeshadow brush, apply bone or vanilla eyeshadow all over the lid.

2. Apply a medium eyeshadow, such as taupe, from the lash line to just beneath the brow bone.

3. Apply a darker shadow, like cocoa, close to the lash line. Smudge it in between the lashes, and blend. Then apply the same darker shadow right along the brow bone. You can feel that bone underneath your skin. Start from the outside, working your way up the bone. Blend.

4. using the slanted makeup brush, pick up some deep chocolate or black eye shadow. Draw on thick liner for the top and bottom lash lines. Draw slightly past the end of your eyes.

5. Apply the bone shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. This will open up and brighten your eye area.

6. Curl your eyelashes, to open up the eye area.

7. Apply black mascara.

A Word About Eyelashes..

Asian Eyelashes
Asian Eyelashes
Asian eyelashes are often sparse, straight, and coarse and slope downward. I cannot go on enough about how much benefit you can derive from curling your eyelashes. It seriously opens up your eye area. I know some Asian women have difficulty using regular eyelash curlers because the curler is unable to get close to the lash line. For those ladies, I would recommend a product called Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Lash Curler. It is compact and is able to reach all of your lashes. It costs a bit more than a typical eyelash curler, but the difference in quality shows.

Recommended Eyeshadow Colors for Asian Makeup Tips

Eyeshadow Colors
Eyeshadow Colors

Eyeshadow colors can be fun to experiment with. You don't always have to stick with the same old stuff, like brown and black. You should try on more fun colors, like blue and deep purple. Don't worry. You don't have to apply it all over the eyelid. Use it as eyeliner instead. You still get luscious color that enhances your eyes, without looking ridiculous. Applying color sparingly will make these colors more versatile for Asian eyes.

If you want to know which eyeshadow colors is your best bet, and which colors to avoid, here's my advice:

-Avoid orange or reddish eyeshadow. Even brown eyeshadow with orange or reddish undertones look unflattering on Asian skin.

-Choose grays, silver, deep midnight blues, deep chocolates, eggplant, and jungle green.

Asian Makeup Tips should include Eyebrows

Asian Makeup Tips should include Eyebrows
Asian Makeup Tips should include Eyebrows
Shaping and filling in the eyebrows is an important step in Asian makeup for opening up the eye area. I would suggest forgoing using an eyebrow pencil. It gives off a heavier appearance and can overpower a delicate Asian face. Opt for a brown eyeshadow instead. Use a slanted eye makeup brush to fill in your brows. If you need more detailed advice on how to deal with your eyebrows, go to the left navigation bar and click on eye makeup tips.

Getting Cheeky with Asian Makeup Tips

Getting Cheeky
Getting Cheeky with Asian Makeup Tips
Having glowing cheeks that exude warmth is something all of us want. We can all benefit from using blush. My favorite colors are pink and apricot. A good rule of thumb for applying blush in Asian makeup is:

-If you have a wide face, apply the blush higher up on the cheek bone. Do not apply it on the apple of your cheeks.

-For those with a narrow face, apply the blush on the apples and sweep back slightly.

If you want to find out more about contouring your face, learn how to use bronzer by clicking on face makeup.

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