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All about Blushes - Shape, Define and Highlight

All about Blushes


Makeup is really never complete without a complementing Blush. No matter how gorgeous your Eye Makeup is or how your lips fancy the Lip color, but these paired with Pale cheeks will look blunt any day. So we have sorted out blushes, how to choose them according to your Skin type and Skin tone.
As a general rule, blush is the most flattering when it looks natural. The shade you choose should resemble your natural flush and looks best when applied to the apples of your cheeks, your cheekbones and the sides of your face, but never underneath your cheekbone area.

There are many tips, tricks and mistakes, we are sharing all here.

Blush is one quick easy way to bring a Healthy glow on your face and it creates depth and contours on your cheeks i.e. an illusion of curve.

The Types of Blushers that are available are Powder Blushes, Cream Blushes, Mousse Blushes, Cheek Stains and Gel blushes. Bronzer is also a type of Blush that contain shimmers and which add an illuminating glow on your cheeks. Powder Blusher is widely used and easy to blend while Mousse and Gel blush need lot of Blending. Cheek stains and Gel Blushers look most natural but are tricky and difficult to use.

The Color of the Blush should match to the Natural Flush of your cheeks, which looks very Natural and not made up.

How to Find your Natural Flush Cheek Color?

Here are some tricks that will help you find the most natural or close to your flush Color.

  • Bend down and touch your toes with your fingers for two minutes and then stand back up. The color of your cheeks that is there at this moment is the right blush color for your face.
  • Run on the stair case, for ten minutes. And check the color of your cheek if the above technique does not work for you.
  • Pinch your cheek and wait for few seconds. The color that develops on your cheeks is the one that will look most natural on you.
  • Match your Pink or Nude Lipstick with your Blusher, if you have found a Pink Lipstick that exactly blends with your Natural Lip color, you can wear the same color on your cheeks. Go for Nude Lipsticks, if you want Earthy blush.

Choose Your Blush type according to your skin type

Normal Skin:

Girls with Normal skin are blessed to use any type of Blush. Gel or Cheek stain for Dewy cheeks, Neat and Matte cheeks with Powder Blush, Mousse and Cream Blushes for soft look and Bronzer to add warmth to cheek and entire face.

Dry Skin:

Girls with Dry skin should go with Cream and Mousse blushes, as it will moisturize and gel with the skin without making it look patchy and dry.

If the Face is properly Primed or Moisturized, One can even use Gel and Cheek tints or Powder blushes.

Make sure you Moisturize your face even before priming your skin, Excess oiliness can be blotted with a tissue or Translucent powder.

Oily Skin

Oily skinned Girl should always play safe with their Blushes, as they might have acne prone skin. One should first check with the ingredients list to know if they are allergic or prone to break out with certain element or ingredient. Powder blush that is Talc free in nature should be selected to go with oily skin. Gel Blushes can also be used, and Cream and Mousse blushes should be avoided completely.

How to Choose Blush Colors according to Skin tone

  • Fair skinned Girls should stick to light to medium intensity Colors
  • Medium/ Whitish should stick to medium intensity Colors
  • Dark and Rich brown Skin tones should stick to Dark intensity Colors.
  • For Fair Skinned Girls, Pink hues like Light Pink, Rosy Pink and Barbie Pink look the most natural and bring a warm glow to cheeks if the blush contains shimmer.
  • Matte Pink blushes look like natural flush and enhance Fair skins beauty.

From Downwards to Upwards: Hues of Pinks for Light Skin, Medium Skin and Dark Skin.
For Medium skinned Girls, Colors like Peach, Apricot or even Pale Browns look Natural on Medium Skinned Girls.

And never apply Light colored Blushes; They will make your face washed out or clownish.
Always look for Blushes that look Dark in Pan, because they turn out Lighter on application.

For Dark Skinned girls or Rich brown skinned girls, Choose Intense Colors like Dark Pink, Fuchsia, Brown or even Orange. This skin tone carries of intense colors very well without looking clownish but one should stay away from Light colors to end up looking made up instead of Natural flushed cheeks.

How to apply Blush correctly

You will need:

  • Your Perfect ‘Flushed’ Blush
  • A Full Blusher brush
  • Sweep some blush with Brush of the Blusher Pan, Dust off the excess on a tissue paper or in the pan.
  • Smile and sweep some color on the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards.
  • Swirl the Brush on the apple of your cheeks to build color, brush some more color till you get desired color on your cheeks.
  • Brush on some Translucent Powder to maximize the staying power of the Blush.

Using Caution while using Blush:

Avoid using heavy shimmer based or Bronzer during day time. Keep these for Night look.
Choose matte or slight shimmery Blushers for Day time.
Make sure you Prime you face to extend the staying power of the blush.

If you’re a Make-up Novice or new to Blushes, keep the above techniques and tips in mind while buying blushes and brush. And say yes to Naturally Flushing cheeks.

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