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10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

All 10 Natural Beauty Tips For Any Skin Type

Natural Beauty Tips
Natural Beauty Tips

Here are 10 Natural Beauty Tips to change the way your skin looks. You can have clearer, smother and softer skin after about three weeks by using these simple ideas. These methods are natural and inexpensive; all you need is a little time and consistency.

  1. Clean skin is a must! - Use a natural cleanser on the facial skin in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.   A natural cleanser like tea tree oil can remove dirt, oils and grime while acting as an antibacterial agent.
  2. Once you’ve cleaned the skin, gently pat dry and apply a toning mist to the face to close the freshly cleaned pores. Allow the toning mist to dry.
  3. Once your toner is dry, you can spread a small portion of moisturizer to the face and neck. Use moisturizers made from natural ingredients that have antibacterial properties. Natural products can reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions of the sensitive facial skin.
  4. Beauty Sleep. That’s right; your skin will reflect a restful night’s sleep. Often seven or eight hours are enough. If you are sleeping deprived you may notice dark circles, puffy eyes or loose skin. Ensure that you go to bed early enough to get a restful sleep. Sleep specialist are now saying the more sleep you can get before midnight will result in better rest than more hours after midnight.
  5. Nutrition! Your diet is very important in maintaining clear, healthy skin. Ensure you eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit. Avoid processed food and limit red meat to 3 times a week. You want to consume foods that are simple to digest to nourish and promote cell growth. A multi-vitamin with lots of daily water consumptions is also very beneficial to healthy skin.
  6. Scrub the entire body once a week to remove toxins. Begin with the feet and work your way up, otherwise you can force removed toxins back into the skin. When scrubbing the face and neck be sure to use a gentle facial scrub as the skin is thinner and very sensitive.
  7. Use an Aspirin facial Mask. Aspirin masks are great for skin that has open pores, acne or pimple.
  8. Steam can open facial pores and help remove impurities from the facial skin. Once a month you can use a steam treatment by boiling water and placing your face over the pot allowing the steam to cleanse and open skin pores. Once the water is boiling reduce heat so you can still get the steam while reducing the risk of getting burned. Use care while making your own steam bath.
  9. Exercise! Exercise can boost your bodies’ entire health and it will show in your skin also.
  10. Fish Oil Supplements. Fish oil can aid in removing toxins from the body and also helps promote clearer skin.

Well there you have ten simple steps to clearer, fresher skin. A few simple techniques that require a little time and consistent practice can lead to a soft, smooth complexion that will keep you looking younger.

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