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10 Makeup Steps for Perfect Look

10 Makeup Steps for Perfect Look

Makeup Steps for Perfect Look
Makeup Steps for Perfect Look

No women on this earth are unknown to makeup and we do it quite often. Makeup step helps to hide skin's imperfections and enhance your look and personality. Makeup is not a rocket science, but there are some do's and don'ts to everything and if you do it correct way, you may master the art of makeup.

Those who think makeup is not their cup of tea, this article will help you to achieve a perfect look with simple basic make up steps. Make sure to apply makeup using correct steps.

First of all, before applying makeup prepare your skin for perfect makeup:

Cleanse your face: Face should be clean before applying makeup. Cleanse your face with face wash according to your skin type. If you have oily skin then use deep cleansing masks to clear your skin. Use antibacterial face wash if you have acne. If you have dry skin then use face washes which helps to moisturize the skin as well.

Apply toner: Apply toner on cleansed face. Choose toner according to your skin type, they help to restore ph balance of skin.

Moisturize your skin well: After applying toner moisturize your skin for fresh looking face. Moisturizer creates the perfect base for makeup. For normal skin, use a light formula moisturizing lotion. If you have dry skin, then use a rich hydrating cream, otherwise makeup look cakey. For oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer that helps to control excess oil and also hydrates the skin. Always wait for 5-10 minutes after applying moisturizer.

Apply eye cream for perfect eye makeup: Apply a lightweight eye cream, so that concealer goes smoothly and evenly on skin.

Choose products according to your skin type: Always choose products which suit your skin type to achieve a perfect flawless look.

Here are 10 Makeup Steps for a Perfect Look

Makeup Step 1: Apply Primer before Makeup

Apply makeup primer before applying makeup. Primer helps to smooth out the skin and makeup last for longer hours.

Makeup Step 2: Apply Corrector/Concealer

First apply pink or peach toned corrector with the help of brush or fingers to darkest part of face.
Next apply yellow based concealer and layer them over the corrector underneath the eye, around the nostrils and on the innermost corner of the eye and then blend it properly by patting with your fingers. Only apply concealer to the area that you want to conceal. Next apply white powder to set the concealer. Apply concealer on the blemishes and red spots with fingers and then apply foundation on them t conceal them.

Makeup Step 3: Apply Foundation

Correct shade of foundation is important - Swatch few shades on the side of the face and forehead, and then check in natural light. The foundation shade that disappears is the right one.

Then using makeup sponge, brush or fingers apply foundation where the skin needs to be evened out and then blend it. If you want a more perfect look, then use a foundation brush. Always remember to apply foundation all the way down to your throat area and keep blending. To cover blemishes, spots apply foundation in a shade that matches skin tone exactly. Pat with your fingers to blend.

Makeup Step 4: Apply Powder

If you want to stay your makeup for long and look crease free apply loose powder. Apply the powder in correct shade for your skin tone using a small powder puff or powder brush. If you have dry skin, then dust powder only around nose, forehead and chin.

Makeup Step 5: Apply Blush

Smile and apply blush on apple of your cheeks. Start the application at the apple and rag the blush outward toward your temple, following your cheek bone. Blend up toward the hairline, then downward to soften the color. For long lasting result, apply brighter blush on top. If you want to add extra glow, then dust a shimmer powder on the cheekbones with a brush.

Contour your face: Take brown tone powder on the brush and apply it under your cheek bones, starting from the temple and going down until underneath the apple of your cheek. And then apply light tone powder on top of your cheek bones.

Makeup Step 6: Define your Eyebrows

Define eyebrows using pencil in the color of your eyebrows. Apply pencil in a light strokes starting from the inner corner of the brow, and follow its natural shape. For a more natural look layer powder shadows on top.

Makeup Step 7: Apply Eye Shadow

Apply light color eye shadow from the lash line to the brow line. And sweep darker eye shadow color on the lower lid, up to the crease. To prepare your eyes for makeup apply face powder on bare eyelids.

Makeup Step 8: Apply Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner on an upper lash line with a dark shadow color. If you want to apply eyeliner on lower lash line make sure the top and bottom lines meet at the outer corner of the eye

Apply mascara: Choose mascara according to your needs and then apply it by holding the mascara wand parallel to the floor and brush from the base of the lashes to the tips. Roll the wands as you go to separate the lashes and avoid clumps. Use eyelashes curler before applying mascara.

Makeup Step 9: Apply Lip Liner

Line your lips with a liner that matches your lip color. Sharpen your lip pencil before using it. Try to line around the natural line of your lips. After applying your lip pencil to your lip line, rub your lips together so the lip pencil color spreads inside your lips.

Lip color helps to keep lip color from feathering. TO make your lipstick or lip gloss longer lasting, line and full in lips with lip liner before applying color. Moisturize your lips with lip balm before applying makeup.

Makeup Step 10: Apply Lipstick

Use a lip brush to apply lip colors. And then apply lip gloss for a nice light shine. Blot your freshly painted lips lightly with a tissue. This will make it last longer.


After completing makeup use a pressed powder to lightly powder the rest of your face, and the area under your eyes. Use very light pressure.
So now you are ready with a perfect look. Isn't that too simple!!! Share your comments with us.

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