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How to Get Beautiful Straight Hair

Straight Hair

Straight Hair
Straight Hair

Having Beautiful straight hair has become almost every girls wish so I have just post this info to guide girls!

1) Choose a right and good brand straighter. Other unknown or cheap brands can spoil ur hair. Preferred straighten: Remington or GHD.

2) Using protection before, during and after straightening is as essential as this will protect ur hair from getting thin or damaged.

3) Don't use any cheap gels for ur Straight hair after or before straightening especially the ones that say “Ideal For Straightening “Those are the gels that make ur hair more hard and rough especially when used while straightening. If you want to keep moisture in your hair even though when hair is straightened use above mentioned protection. Thats the best solution.

4) don’t straight your hair too often. Many girls keep on straightening them even though their hairs are straight. So avoid excessive straightening.

5) Take good care of your hair. Eat healthy vegetables especially the ones that are good for hair will also make straightening easier for you but will also look natural. So this is all what I have got for u girls but I sure will post more on hair care cozz I am also the one who gives a fair bit of priority to hair.

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