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How to Attract Men – What Men Are Looking for in a Woman

How to Attract Men ?

How to Attract Men
How to Attract Men
In the society of today, most women are made to believe that only beautiful and physically good looking women like super models and actresses attract men. The problem here is that 90% of the women around the world are not like this. This creates a huge gap and women wanting to look like them start using cosmetics and starve themselves to attract men. But in reality this perception is not true. Most men do look for physically attractive women for a relationship, but she does not necessarily have to be someone like a runway model.

I as a man have my preferences, I do find skinny girls attractive but like I said earlier, she does not have to be one of D&G girls. Like most men, my preferences are to find a partner who is smart, funny and mature. Someone who is fun to hang around with, has confidence, can bring a bit of drama to life and appreciates me for who I am. Almost 90% men are like me and they will agree with me. Let me explain this in a little detail.

Let us take on physical beauty first. Good looks are something that we men consider as a bonus point in a woman. If the woman sitting at the next table tall, blonde and physically attractive, she will attract men in that bar. But not everyone is going to go ask her out because there are many more things that are more important than just looks. And physical beauty is not something that would ensure a long term relationship or marriage. It is very important to have other qualities that would attract men to that blonde girl in the bar.

Most of the time women ask this question, how to attract men

How to Attract Men - Beauty Tips
How to Attract Men - Beauty Tips

The answer to this has been given above. Then there are women who have been happily married for some time but are sensing that the romance in their life is dying. They want to ask someone ‘how to save my marriage or how to revive the romance in their marriage.’ I am surprised by this that couples who had been happily married for several years come to a point in their marriage where both would part their ways. Women often take divorce pretty roughly but what had gone wrong. When you or someone close to you is going through this phase, it is best to talk to a marriage counselor or if possible talk to each other. When you talk with your spouse your question ‘how to save my marriage’ will be answered because both of you will be able to discuss what went wrong and what needs to be done. Talking to each other will eliminate any misunderstandings in the marriage and will surely revive the romance as well.

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