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Tips On How To Apply Makeup To Have Pouty Lips

Pouty Lips

Although, many women want to have sexy, pouty lips, they don’t know how to properly apply makeup in order to have them. To guide you through, here are the steps that you should follow in order to have the lips of your dreams.
Pouty Lips
Pouty Lips

How To Apply Makeup To Have Pouty Lips

You should start by applying a concealer on your rim. For ideal results, you should use a high quality brush. You should then line your lips using a high quality lip liner. To give an illusion of fuller and plump rims, you should apply the lip liner beyond your actual rims while taking care that you don’t overdo it.

After applying the lip liner, you should apply your mate lipstick. You should then apply your moisturizing lipstick on top of the mate lipstick. Finally, you should apply lip-gloss on top of the moisturizing lipstick.

To create a perfect look, you should apply a natural color lip-gloss onto your cupid’s bow. You should also apply the lip-gloss at the center of the bottom lips. Finally, you should use your brush to blend in your lip-gloss. When you are through you will have full, attractive lips.

Other Ways Of Having Pouty Rims

In addition to using the above process to have full rims, there are other ways that you can have sexy looking rims. Some of these ways include:

Using natural lip plumper: there are a number of products that you can use. The most common ones are: peppermint oil and lip balm. You should mix the two and apply the mixture on your rims. You should note that peppermint causes a tingling sensation and makes your lips swell temporarily; therefore, you should use only small amounts of it.

Another great natural plumper that you can use is honey. When you apply honey on your rims, you moisturize and give them a smooth, shiny look.

Exfoliating the lips: there are many ways in which you can exfoliate the lips. One of the best ways is brushing the lips in small circular motions using your toothbrush. By brushing your lips, you stimulate blood flow thus making your lips appear fuller.

Another way of exfoliating your lips is by using a lip scrub. Here you need to mix two tablespoons of sugar and olive oil in a bowl. You should then gently massage the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for about 20 minutes.

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