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3 Simple Tips To Stop Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Wondered about ways in which to halt hair loss and stop thinning hair? Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t cost a ton of money and can easily be integrated into your every day routine with little fuss?

Well, although there isn’t a cure for male or female pattern baldness – and when I say ‘cure’, I mean some thing that can miraculously regrow a full head of hair where previously lost – there are indeed ways in which you can halt the balding process.

Now, I’m not talking about expensive hair transplants or products that are likely to harm your health – I’m talking about simple steps that can be taken on a daily basis that’ll help your hair grow stronger and healthier.

There are a number of things that all play their vital part in providing a solution for the dreaded pattern of hair loss, but I’m going to concentrate on the main three…

Here are my three affordable tips for beating hair loss:
beating hair loss

1. Eat Green Apples

Yes, it’s true folks, green apples are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for the stimulation of hair follicles in men and women. This tasty fruit can be effective in slowing down hair loss and help promote strong hair growth. Consume one green apple a day and you’ll put yourself on the right track to stop hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth.

Price: Well, you certainly won’t be breaking the bank balance here. What do apples cost these days? 30p each?

2. Give Your Head A Massage

Many people classify head massaging as an excellent way to stimulate weakened hair follicles, and they could be right. Massaging the scalp for 20 minutes every day can have an excellent effect in re-energising the hair follicles, helping you sustain a healthy head of hair for longer. Seriously, if you’re suffering from overall thinning across the scalp, then get those fingers working through your hair in gentle circular motions.

Price: Providing you have your fingers intact, this procedure should be free.

3. Take The Right Vitamins

Taking supplements and treatments for balding will be the biggest financial cost in this whole process, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Taking the right vitamins is an essential part of your battle with hair fall. Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Green Tea and Grape Seed extract all offer effective DHT blocking properties and hair growth promoting additives. Rather than spend a fortune of each individual additive, consider buying a supplement that contains the whole lot and more.

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