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10 Useful Beauty Tips

10 Useful Beauty Tips

10 Useful Beauty Tips
10 Useful Beauty Tips

There are a plethora of beauty tips on the web and I find that I can never have enough beauty tips to make my beauty routine simpler and more effective. Here are a few of my favorites that I have put to use.

1: To quickly dry your fingernails after polishing them, dip in ice cold water. I have found that no matter how long I try to sit still I always smudge my fresh polish, so this tip works well for me.

2: I am a firm believer in toner. I keep my toner refrigerated so that it gives my face a blast of cell circulation. In addition it tones, tightens and closes the pores after cleansing. However, when I am out of my homemade toner I always splash my face with cool water to close pores before applying any lotions or creams.

3: For a clarifying shampoo I use apple cider vinegar. It works just as well as store bought clarifying shampoos and the cost is minimal. Did you know that most clarifying shampoos or dandruff shampoos will strip hair of its artificial color? To make your own clarifying rinse, mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and do not rinse. The vinegar smell will diminish in a very short amount of time.

4: We all know that wearing too much makeup really makes you look older. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type.

5: A silk pillowcase is a must have to prevent premature wrinkles. You will never get pillowcase lines in your face with a silk pillowcase. I just love my silk pillowcases!

6: When you are low on mascara, try Vaseline! It really does wonders for the eyelashes. Also nourish your eyelashes with almond oil or olive oil.

7: When the dry skin winter blues set in I break out a moisturizing bath bomb and then the body butter! There are so many great body lotions and butters on the market today to keep you skin hydrated and smooth.

8: Want to plump up the lips for the night, add an irritant like cayenne pepper over your lip balm.

9: Need a quick scrub to brighten the complexion, consider oatmeal or cornmeal mixed with your favorite cleansing cream. It really does wonders to slough off dead skin cells and it is eco-friendly and inexpensive.

10: To give the illusion of fuller lips, add a dab of shimmery lip gloss that is one shade lighter than your lipstick.

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