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Top Basic Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

Top Basic Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips
Do you know that even as a makeup newbie you can conquer cosmetics?

Here are some of the makeup basics you need to know in order to be the talk of town:

Know And Understand Your Skin

The foundation you use is dependent on your skin type. For a dry skin, try a hydrating or liquid powder formula. Use matte or powder products on oily skin. Liquid and powder foundations work perfectly on combination skin.

Find The Right Foundation Shade

When choosing a foundation shade, pick a shade that matches your chest, arms and neck rather than your face. At first, when you put it on, it tends to look strange. However, with time, it blends down into your arm and neck.

Apply Foundation Correctly

Begin by covering your face by using a primer. For those that prefer liquid formula, put some drops on your fingers or a sponge and then dab the makeup on your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. From the center of the face, gently blend the makeup into your skin downwards as you work your way to the edges. You should always apply foundation as you go down. Doing so ensures little hairs on the face lay down pretty.

Powder Application

Women with normal or dry skin can forgo powder. Nonetheless, those with oily skin must utilize it to reduce the shine on the face. To effectively apply powder, dip a fluffy and light brush into your product. Tap off any excesses and then swipe it over the face as you pay special attention to your T-zone. For increased coverage, try using a powder puff.

Choose The Right Type Of Bronzer

For a subtle, contoured look, gently apply a matte formula, which gives you a glow. Carefully choose a shimmer bronze if you need to highlight particular features. Since dark tones can make you age easily, use them with utmost caution. Always remember that there is a very thin line between crazy and healthy. Start out by using a light bronzer shade as you work up to a deeper hue when summer sets in.

The key here is to apply the bronzer correctly. With a brush, swipe bronzer where the sun naturally shines on the face. Such areas include the nose, forehead, cheekbones etc. Apply the bronzer lightly. Slowly build up, as you desire.

Blush - Know Your Skin Type

Do you have normal or dry skin? If yes, use a cream or powder blush. Ensure you avoid mixing textures. For those using powder foundation, ensure you use a powder blush. If you opt to use liquid foundation, use a cream blush.

Find The Right Blush Shade

Select blush tints, which correspond perfectly with the natural look of your skin when flushed. Put on cool tone blushes with the same cool lip colors. Anytime you are in doubt, choose a rose blush that consists of brown. You can rest assured that this hue will flatter anyone.

Apply Your Blush Correctly

Slightly smile to locate your cheeks’ apples. For both powder and cream formulas, first put the blush on your cheeks’ apples and then blend them towards your hairline. Do not be anxious about overdoing the whole thing. If you happen to put much on, with the same sponge you use for makeup, dab it just a little bit and then blend it all in.


The best tip tint enhances the natural shade of the pucker. Choosing a sheer bone minimizes the probability of mismatching since the natural color shines through. Choose a color in the same hue region of the lip color.

How about the lip liner?

Most stylists normally recommend a natural colored or nude lip liner because of its versatility in comparison to the more colorful counterparts. It is quite difficult to have a color pencil that matches perfectly with a lipstick. The good thing about a natural lip liner is the fact that it works perfectly with most if not all colors.

To apply it correctly, cover your lips with a moisturizer. After this, line your lips as you remain within a natural boundary prior to applying lipstick. Reversing it and then utilizing a lip liner can work magic in helping you correct any imperfections.

Applying makeup does not have to be difficult. All you need to do is just get a few basics right. With the above makeup basics, you can successfully apply your makeup stress-free.

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