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How to get rid of dry skin using home remedies?

Who doesn’t want to have a flawless skin? Everyone does! Beautiful, fresh clear glowing skin seems like a lot of effort. Well, not anymore! Anybody can have it, you just need to know the dos and don’ts.


Before discussing the remedies, it is necessary to know the actual cause of this skin problem. Dry skin can be a result of ad eating habits, too much stress, not properly moisturizing the skin as required, genetically inherited.

-    Say no to hot water

Say no to hot water
According to researches, hot water closes the pores that means the moisture is not trapped down resulting in the drying of the skin. So it’s better to use warm water, as it relaxes your pores and keeps the skin soft and smooth.

-    use of milk

To get rid of dry skin, increase intake of milk. Apply it on your face as well. This with moisturize the skin well. 

-    milk cream

Milk cream is enriched with lactic acid. It helps in getting rid of dry skin. Milk cream along with lemon juice, results in an excellent moisturizer. Apply it on face and other parts on daily basis.

-    Honey

Honey has antioxidants, and is enriched with vitamins and minerals that are good for health and beauty. Honey if applied on dry skin, causes the skin to glow and look fresh.

-    Coconut oil

To overcome the losses of moisture from skin, coconut oil is considered one of the best remedy. It has large amount of fatty acids that restores the moisture of the skin. This should be done on daily basis.

-    Petroleum jelly

Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly on washed, dried face. Let it dry a little. This will moisturize the skin to a great extent and for a comparatively longer period. This is really helpful especially in winters. Apply it on daily basis for best results.

-    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is best known for re-hydrating dry skin. Jell inside the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant, is what we need. Apply it on face. Let it dry out on skin, then wash thoroughly.

-    Egg facial

When nothing else works out, try the egg white facial. Separate the egg whites, apply it on skin and massage for 3 minutes, let it dry then wash face thoroughly, do the same with the egg York. This would result in soft, smooth skin, like never before!

-    Too much makeup

In case of a female, use of too much makeup may also be a cause of dry skin. So it is necessary to use the actual makeup removers instead of washing it off by using normal facial cleaners. Take a break from makeup as well, few days leave your skin all natural!

-    know your skin type

Using the face wash or moisturizer that you friend or some person you idealize uses, will not make you look like them. Every person has a different skin type, and its first necessary to know the type of skin you have, and buying markup, moisturizer, and soap etcetera accordingly.

-    SPF proof

Too much sun exposure is also one of the root cause of various skin problem, including the dry skin. So it is necessary to cover yourself when going out in sun. Wear a suitable sunscreen with a high SPF.

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