20 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hair Fall

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hair Fall

The two things that a person notices when they meet another person are the face and their Hair Fall. There is nothing more flaunting than a person with a healthy, shiny and thick hair. And it is natural for every person to wish for achieving the shiny and thick hair. There are numerous methods by which a person can achieve great hair. Nowadays, a lot of people are complaining about the hair loss and are quite perplexed as to how to eliminate this problem. Amongst many remedies, these are the top 20 home remedies for getting rid of the hair fall.
Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera

Applying the juice of Aloe Vera or its gel onto the scalp has proven to be very beneficial. This treatment is known for treating hair loss due to the dry scalp. Applying and washing after an hour is the perfect way to use it.
Oil massage

Oil massage

Massaging your scalp with lukewarm oil is known for better blood flow in your head. One can use jojoba oil, coconut oil or almond oil according to their liking.
Coconut milk benefits

Coconut milk

A person can use the milk or juice of the coconut on the scalp. Coconut can also be used by grinding it and then using it. Coconut milk is known for repairing the tissues of the hair.
Neem/Indian Lilac

Neem/Indian Lilac

Indian Lilac is known for being an anti-bacterial. Boiling the water with these leaves and then using the water to wash the hair is the way to use neem.
Amla benefits


Using the paste of amla and shikakai on the scalp and washing it after a few minutes is very useful for hair loss.
Hibiscus flowers


Not only is this flower known to reduce the grey hair but is good for hair fall because of its refreshing properties.
Garlic for hair fall treatment


Boil garlic with coconut oil and then massage the scalp with the paste for good results.
Onions for hair loss


Extract the juice by chopping it finely and then use the juice on the scalp for improvements.
Pigeon pea or red gram

Red Gram

Use the paste of red gram/pigeon pea for curing hair fall.
Egg mask for hair fall treatment


Egg is known for its Sulphur content. Using egg yolk with some oil on your scalp will prove beneficial for hair loss.
Black pepper seed

Black pepper seed

Use the mixture of black pepper seed and lime, after finely meshing them onto the scalp.
Green tea benefits

Green tea

Use the tea bag into the boil water. Allow the boiled water to cool and use it on the scalp and wash within one hour.
Potato for hair loss treatment


Use the mixture of potatoes plus rosemary and boil it in water. Afterwards rinse your scalp with the mixture.
Curry leaves for hair

Curry leaves

These are a good treatment for people who are suffering from baldness.
Apple Cider Vinegar benefits

Apple cider vinegar

Use of apple cider vinegar is not only effective for the growth of hair but is also good for treating hair loss.
Ash gourd for hair fall treatment

Ash gourd

Ash gourd is also known for its properties to reduce hair loss.
Curd and camphor

Curd and camphor

Taking the curd and the camphor in equal amounts and then use it on the hair and in the end wash your hair with lukewarm water.


A mixture of milk and a little bit of saffron with liquorice is effective for hair fall treatment.
Coriander leaves paste

Coriander leaves

First make a fresh paste of the coriander leaves and then apply it on the scalp.
Fenugreek seeds


Take some fenugreek seeds and make a paste out of it. Then apply the paste on the scalp.

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