10 Makeup Products that you Should not Use

Makeup Products

The success that the Makeup Products cosmetic industry is enjoying right now is more than they ever anticipated. It is because of the loyalty that they have shown towards their customers and customers are happy to buy their products. But not all products are good for our skin as some of them have a tendency to get absorbed into our skin and flow into the bloodstream. Even though FDA says that these chemicals are not that harmful to any serious damage but the alarming rise in skin cancer presents us with a chance to avoid certain products and chemicals. Next time when buying beauty products, try avoiding these:

Permanent hair dyes

Permanent hair dyes

There are studies and research that link long-time usage of permanent hair dyes with the bladder cancer. Dermatologists also suggest that the use of hair dyes is the major reason for allergic reaction to its users.

Compound hair dye

Almost every compound henna hair dye consists of metallic salts and brands also hide this specific ingredient from their customers. Experts believe after using the hair dye a person should not use any product containing hydrogen peroxide as it may result in frog green color of your hair.

Aluminum powder in eye shadows and eyeliners

Even though FDA suggests that the use of aluminum in cosmetic is safe for use yet it has shown to result in cancer and neurotoxicity. There are cases in which the user of the aluminum based product suffered from certain issues related to lungs and was later hospitalized.

Sunscreen having Vitamin A

Many researches have concluded that using the sunscreen which has vitamin A causes cancer cells to multiply when the user is exposed to the sun. Next time try skipping the sunscreen that has Aubrey Organics’ Green tea sunscreen.

Nail polishes

A lot of nail polishes have chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene are associated with spreading of fumes and flammability. Even though many companies claim that they avoid these ingredients but that is not the case.


There are certain ingredients in the perfumes that eventually causes allergic reaction and hormone disruption. Also these chemicals are not safe to be used but still are being used.

Brazilian Blowouts

There are a lot of brands that claim that they do not use formaldehyde but they still do use it. If this chemical is accidentally sprayed into the eyes it might result into permanent blindness.

Products claiming “All natural”

Products that contain phenoxyethanol and oxybenzone andzinc chloride are considered as corrosive chemicals are should be removed immediately if you use them.

Mineral makeup

There are cosmetic products that contain nickel, lead, iron oxide and beryllium. Exposure in small quantity to these metals will cause a lot of health issues to its users.


Study has shown that anti-perspirants usually contain aluminum, which itself is harmful for health. Aluminum is associated with reproductive failures and breast cancer. Alongside aluminum many anti-perspirant include parabens and phthalates. Both these chemicals are banned in many countries because of their adverse health effects.

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